We have often come across the simile, as soft as cotton. Cotton, that element of nature which is loved by all in every form. Whether as large extent of white cotton fields, our soft toys, our dresses that comfort us throughout the year, specifically summers, recently the masks we need, and most importantly our currency notes. Cotton products are like that youngest member of your family that is loved by all.

In the world of bedsheets, the cotton bedsheet is the queen. The one most demanded, admired, and benefits the consumers not only by giving them a sound sleep but taking care of their health too. When it comes to choosing a bedsheet, you need the one that is comfortable and breathable providing you with the sound sleep you desire. Thus becoming the heartthrob of sleep lovers.

Amongst several reasons, the softness of cotton bedsheets is the prime reason to fall in love with the cotton bedsheets. Sateen weaved cotton bedsheets have a silkier touch and a shiny appeal that make them expensive and always highly demanded. Unlike, it’s polyester or synthetic counterparts cotton bedsheets do not trigger allergies for your skin, therefore, It is suitable for everyone of all age groups.

In tropical countries like India, cotton is a basic necessity throughout the year. In summer cotton outfits make the months of May, June, and July bearable while in winter, blankets made up of cotton, namely, rasaai are light and comfortable weapons to battle winter. Cotton bedsheets are our angels for both the seasons, with its moisture absorbent quality, pure cotton bedsheets do not make our sleep uncomfortable in severe summers or do not stick to our skin. Even in winter, our skin needs some space to breathe. The cotton being a skin-friendly fabric provides our skin facility to breathe through despite being wrapped up with thicker blankets for warmth.

While choosing a bedsheet, we most often look for its washing processes. Bedsheets are a part of our daily necessity, therefore require regular hygiene. Pure cotton bedsheets are made up of easily washable fabrics. Washing cotton bed sheets daily is a piece of cake, you don’t have to ponder about suitable detergents, washing procedures- washing machine, hand-washing or dry cleaning that would not destroy its appeal. One doesn’t need to fear about the bedsheet losing its color or beauty after being washed. Therefore maintaining the cotton bedsheets is very easy for every household. Secondly, it is a medically proven fact that pure cotton bedsheets are allergy resistant as well as mite resistant. A very important point for a cotton bedsheet to be used regularly. Since most of us spend a huge amount of time on the bed, or many houses have kids of different ages, playing or sleeping on the bed for hours, it is very important to look for bed sheets that  DO NOT become itchy on their skin or are home to mites and allergies. Pure cotton bedsheets are the solution to all these problems- comforting and healthy at the same time.

When the question of longevity of the bedsheets comes PURE COTTON BEDSHEETS are the winner as well!! Many of us fear our fabric whether in clothes or bed sheets deteriorates with every wash. Pure cotton bedsheets do not. It is proven that with every wash the linen softens and becomes stretchable, unlike the polyester bed sheets that get rougher and uncomfortable, the fiber, too, weakens with every wash. The cotton bedsheets do not lose their presentability and shine even after the 100th wash that it had on the first day. Enough to make you fall in love with them?

Silk bed sheets are a dream of many, but due to their very high price, most of them cannot afford it. This is where some polyester bedsheet makers lay their trap. Some polyester bedsheets are so finely weaved, they feel like silk. Therefore buyers are tricked to buy these as silk bedsheets at a low price! Cotton bedsheets are considered to be equal to silk in its quality, durability, and shine. They are affordable by everyone and suit every household. Another drawback of a synthetic bed sheet is the process by which the linen is produced: the harmful chemicals used to make the fabric goes rough on our hair and may increase hair fall. The chemicals may show its impact with every wash. In today’s world of organic transformation avoid chemical bedsheets and opt for the pure cotton that cares for your skin, hair, and sleep like a mom!!

A pure cotton bedsheet is a perfect companion for a lazy soul drooling on their bed- soft and comforting!! Get hold of the prettiest pure cotton bedsheets from Crafted Fashions, the hub of a wide range of pure cotton bedsheets hand weaved with utmost love in vibrant shades of traditional India to bring your bed to life and be your perfect partner-in-sleep!! Also, follow Crafted Fashions on Facebook and Instagram.

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