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Handmade Bed Headboard - Wooden Wall Decor with Balinese and Mandala Design - DAHAYU

Handmade Bed Headboard - Wooden Wall Decor with Balinese and Mandala Design - DAHAYU

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Discover the beauty of our Balinese Queen Size Carved Mandala Bed Headboard. Handcrafted and carved with details, this remarkable piece serves as a stunning bed headboard and a captivating wall decor for your home.

Inspired by the rich traditions of Balinese and Indian wood wall art, this headboard showcases a mesmerizing Mandala design. This design speaks a lot about the space. The Mandala art symbolizes Peace, consistency, and happiness.

Created with high-quality wood usually carved in Pine, Mango, teak, or industrial wood, this headboard is crafted to be durable and long-lasting. The raw design and grain patterns highlight the uniqueness of the product. The headboard looks artistic and aesthetic with its texture and design.

Perfectly sized for Single, Queen, and King size beds, this headboard adds comfort with style to your bedroom. This can also be used as a standalone wall decor piece which elevates the look of your space adding great artistic appearance.

It can be hung / wall-mount too. It can be easily installed and seamlessly integrated with your existing decor.

Customization options are available to cater to your unique preferences. Choose from a range of finishes, Wood types, and stains to match your desired theme. Whether you prefer a rustic, natural, or polished finish, we can alter it accordingly.

Every piece of furniture is a design story. The Balinese and Mandala art carved gives a boho look. They are packed and shipped carefully avoiding any hassle. The 48*48 inches headboard will be shipped as a single piece. The King and Queen headboards will come in two/three pieces which can easily be assembled later.

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