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Decorative Mandala Art Fur Linen Throw Pillow Cases / Cushion Covers

Decorative Mandala Art Fur Linen Throw Pillow Cases / Cushion Covers

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 Our decorative throw pillow cases crafted out of moroccan fur linen add a touch of timeless charm to your aesthetics. 

Captivating hearts with their retro chic elegance and colourful exuberance, our decorative throw pillow cases charm with mesmerising mandala art motifs.

Mandala art is an exotic artform native to asian culture, and is a popular meditative element known to strengthen the mind, body, and spirit.

Believed to represent enlightenment and eternal bliss, mandalas are visually appealing and are known to enrich you with tranquility and wisdom. Our vivid designer fur linen pillow cases act as a perfect canvas to bring out the glorious charm of these artistic mandalas.

As our Boho Decor Throw Pillow Cases are available in 8 colors, you can create a color theme that is uniquely you. Colors have a way of impacting emotions, and have the power to create a harmonious balance to relax your mind. 

When impactful colors and harmonious mandala art come together, magic is inevitable!

Learn more about our Boho Decor Throw Pillow Covers

  • As they are crafted out of 100% Moroccan fur linen, the decorative throw pillow covers are antibacterial, durable, hypoallergenic, and can be easily machine washed. They have almost zero lint and dry faster than cotton.
  • Available in 45cm x 45cm and 40cm X 40cm sizes to fit your favourite throw pillow like a glove. These designer boho retro throw pillow cases are versatile enough to accessorise your sofas, beds,  cars etc
  • The base of these visually appealing pillow covers is plain and sturdy.
  • An all season favourite, the patterned mandala style throw pillow cases are knitted to perfection with neat seams.
  • Beautifully smooth and vibrant,  our vintage throw pillow cases make a wonderful gift for that special person in your life.

Choose our gloriously retro throw pillow cases, and make your interiors glow with a special aura! 

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