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Luxury Mulberry Silk Vintage Solid Color Comforter Cover

Luxury Mulberry Silk Vintage Solid Color Comforter Cover

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Our gloriously majestic premium mulberry silk comforter cover lends an unmatched classy vibe to your aesthetics.

Crafted to perfection with 500TC thread count mulberry silk, these super soft duvet covers can effectively relieve skin discomfort with their luxurious texture.

We call our retro duvet cover the all season friend, as the natural temperature regulating properties of mulberry silk ensures a comfortable sleep, whatever the weather. It absorbs moisture and ensures that your body temperature is perfectly maintained for you to catch your beauty sleep. 

While the top side is crafted with mulberry silk, the underside is in the skin friendly combo of 50% mulberry silk and 50% Lyocell. This makes our vintage duvet cover hypoallergenic, durable, and easy on your skin. 

Available in 7 exquisite colours and 8 sizes, this mulberry silk solid quilt cover makes a wonderful gift choice too! After all, who won't love a perfect sleep assurer!

Know more about your Vintage Mulberry Silk Duvet Cover

  • Containing amino acids, mulberry silk is a breathable fabric and known to contain skin restorative properties. Our retro comforter cover acts as an anti-ageing agent by maintaining optimal skin moisture levels.
  • The soft and silky texture of our mulberry silk comforter covers has the natural ability to repel dust and grime that is bound to accumulate on your bedding. 
  • Dyed to perfection with state of the art technology, these comforter covers stay as good as new for a long time. 
  • Our mulberry silk comforter covers are beautifully versatile and adapt to the seasons more quickly than you! They bestow a cool feeling in summer and a warm feeling in winter. The end result is a wonderful sleep!
  • Beautifully designed with sleek seams and non-intrusive corner buttons. 
  • Hand wash is recommended for our mulberry silk comforter covers. If that is a hassle, machine wash at the most gentle cycle is fine too.
  • They are wrinkle resistant, and make an ideal gift for special occasions... Anniversaries, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Weddings.

Choose our mulberry silk Comforter Cover, and curl up in comfort and style!


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