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Luxurious Bohemian hand-carved white coastal king bed headboard

Luxurious Bohemian hand-carved white coastal king bed headboard

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Adding to our luxurious collection, here is our White coastal Hand carved headboard which can be used as a Bed Headboard or a Wall mounted furniture. At Crafted Fashions, every piece is a detailed artistic work. With the white-tinted texture and precise carvings with bohemian design elements, this headboard is a perfect fit for your space.

The White-coastal headboard undoubtedly adds charm and Harmony to any place it is installed with its color and design. Our headboards are made to last and are made with high-quality wood. We focus on design and quality without sacrificing any. This makes our headboards one of the Best Headboards available in the market.

The hand-carved details bring a sense of craftsmanship and artistry, making the headboard a true centerpiece in the room. These headboards are usually handmade with Teak/Mango or Industrial wood. Our Artisans add immense effort in crafting each piece of furniture for you.

These headboards come in three different sizes. The King /Queen size headboards are packed in two or three pieces whereas the single headboard is packed as one. It can be assembled easily without any hassle.

While designing your space/bedroom we usually have varied requirements. Keeping this in mind and to be a perfect fit for every customer's choice, we also allow customization options. You can easily reach out to us with your preferences and we can alter the product.

For any queries or additional information, please feel free to write to us or WhatsApp us by clicking on the Icon. Our team is happy to assist.

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