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Mandala Bohemian Handmade Headboard - White Rectangular, Wall Mounted bedhead

Mandala Bohemian Handmade Headboard - White Rectangular, Wall Mounted bedhead

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The white rectangular Bed Headboard is an aesthetic piece of furniture that is not only handmade with precision and carved patterns but is also sturdy and timeless. It is embodied with Bohemian and Mandala artwork which makes this headboard extremely eye-catchy and beautiful.

They are made using Pine / Teak / Mango / Industrial wood which stands the test of time and its texture adds a natural look to the headboard. The white rectangular Headboard is known for its shape and carved floral/petal carvings which also represent the Mandala patterns. A mixed cultural influence can be seen in the design of this headboard as our artisans are also inspired by the Balinese carvings.

At Crafted Fashions, we assure you that each piece of furniture that is ordered reaches you without any hassle. The King/Queen size Bed headboard is packed in 2-3 pieces which can easily be assembled. Whereas, the Single Headboard is packed as one.

We also take into consideration the varied design and theme choices of every customer and are open to customizing our products. You can reach out to us with your Colour, texture, and design options and we can have the product altered. May it be a Single, Queen, or King size bed, our headboards charm your space with their aesthetic and appealing look.

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